Mythic Gaming CoD:IW 2017

As many of you have heard, our Call of Duty team is undergoing a complete restructuring. After a brief start to the new competitive season three of our players have decided to part ways for different reasons. Although this comes as a shock, we believe that our players have made the right choices, based on their determination and plans for life at the current moment. This, however, is not the end for Mythic Call of Duty – read as we elaborate on our plans and initiatives.

We would like to officially confirm that Jandre Botha (Zeus), Keegan McMaster (Riptide) and Kyle Drennan (Replays) will be stepping down from the Call of Duty team. Jandre, Keegan and Kyle are all extremely passionate about E-Sports and it has been an absolute honour to have some stalwarts in the CODZA scene represent our brand. Mythic Gaming would like to thank each and every player for the good times, the ups and downs and the tremendous value and insights that they have brought to our organization scene since September 2015.

Behind the scenes Jandre, Keegan and Kyle all went out of their way to assist the Mythic Gaming management team to better understand what is needed in the CODZA scene and assist in the implementation and marketing of our brand.

We wish each and every one of them the absolute best for the future, whether it be playing professionally, socially or ‘hanging up the sticks’.

The 2017 Season ahead

Although we don’t currently have a roster we are still committed to the Call of Duty scene and as such we’ll be looking at building a new roster which will be captained by Jason “Beyond” Louw and joining him in team management is Cameron “Hippie” Busch, who will be acting as both a coach and substitute player.

Although we currently do not have a contracted Call of Duty roster, we plan on implementing one before the 23rd of February (so that they may compete in the DGC Sapphire Cup wildcard qualifiers). If you are an interested person then please read our requirements below.


We’re looking for three (3) COD players to join the Mythic Gaming banner. In addition, we’re looking at implementing this squad in the bigger picture of our plans for 2017 (which will be revealed shortly after the Emerald Cup Showdown), although our focus right now is to ensure that we build a committed roster and work on performing at the top levels of Call of Duty in South Africa.

More importantly, we’re not just looking for any 3 individuals with only skill, but rather a bunch of players who are determined, committed, highly motivated and focused. As a player you may be required to attend events for partners in the future and as such we will also be looking for players that are professional and understand the importance of representing a brand, their fans, supporters and partners.

Although our focus with our Call of Duty squad will initially begin on finding the right players, we will then transition it into growing you as a player and as a public figure. We’ll work hand-in-hand towards our goals, initiatives and requirements in order to build the squad stronger and stronger by the day.

Another thing to take into consideration is that we’re looking for players who have the time to meet the requirements and who are driven to achieve their goals. As many of you may know, Call of Duty scrimming and practice takes up a ton of time and we want to ensure that these individuals will be able to comply with this requirement. Furthermore, we have a variety of resources at our disposal that allow for the players to review past performances and as such the expected time for practices extends further than simply grinding out the game.

Closing Thoughts

If you believe you have what it takes to align your goals with ours and interested in representing the Mythic Gaming brand, please don’t hesitate to contact either Jason “Beyond” Louw via Twitter (@Mythic_Beyond) or my mailing Dirk Ottersbach (our Chief Gaming Officer)

For more information and frequent updates about our activities, teams, matches and general media, please follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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