Mythic Gaming welcomes Gaming View Technologies to the family!

Mythic Gaming is proud to announce that it has come to an agreement with Gaming View Technologies (GVT) as its new sponsor. Mythic Gaming and Gaming View Technologies have been on a journey together for the past few months and are ready to throw our collective initiatives into forging opportunities for other within the South Africa E-Sports scene.

In the late stages of 2016, Mythic Gaming and Gaming View Technologies had come together in order to discuss a partnership agreement. After several months, lots of hard work and tons of enthusiasm, Mythic Gaming is proud to welcome Gaming View Technologies to the #MythicArmy.

Sebastiaan Thoolen, Managing Director of Gaming View Technologies had this to say about the sponsorship:

“I believe this relationship with Mythic will help to grow both of our brands and exposure in the eSports industry. We hope to be able to reach new clients and gain new relationships within the gaming community to provide gaming computer parts at excellent prices for all.

The future holds a lot of potential to expand our sponsorship to each and every player in the gaming community, using Mythic as the foundation to build this trust basis and build on their aspirations.We feel that Mythic had a level of professionalism that captured our attention from the start and they followed through on their delivery.

Mythic have a plan, a structure and management in place to ensure they are able to achieve great heights and we believe they are a good match for GVT and we believe they will be able to take us to new heights on their journey.

Nicholas Kuhn, CEO of Mythic Gaming, had the following to say:

“It’s been a long term objective of mine to find partners who we can work hand-in-hand with to achieve many different goals and objectives both internally and externally. This sponsorship will allow Mythic Gaming to grow our business, teams and individual players as a whole. We have a lot planned with GVT and we cannot wait to reveal our plans for both Mythic and the community as a whole.”

What is Gaming View Technologies? 

Gaming View Technologies (GVT) are fairly new entrants to the world of e-commerce and their core focus is on providing gamers with the latest and greatest products at affordable prices. With their Nationwide supply ability they are looking at taking the local scene by storm!

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Visit the official Gaming View Technologies website for more information and latest in gaming products, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


From Mythic Gaming and Gaming View Technologies we thank you for your continued support and will ensure that we keep working towards creating a stronger, healthier and bigger gaming community within South Africa.

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