Owner and director, Shaun Carstens grew up with a strong passion and love for gaming and tech.

Age Of Empires II, Doom and StarCraft were the games of choice when his love for PC gaming truly developed and has since been a devoted tech and gaming enthusiast. Taking this love for games he looked at how desktop gaming is so well represented but laptop gaming is only starting to grow.

Mythic Gaming was born to bring near desktop levels of performance to people desire a mobile solution for work, gaming and creating all in one.


Mythic Gaming is about bringing our passion for gaming and games to a wider audience here in South Africa.

Shaun Carstens
CEO / Founder

My passion for gaming from when I was a kid has always been one of my most fond ways of spending my time.

My all time favorite games are Starcraft Series, FarCry, Doom, Battlefield Series, Warcraft and of course Age Of Empires.


I currently game on the Mythic Ultra and have found a new love for FPS games with its amazing 300hz screen!



I also have a keen passion for fly fishing, and own and operate REEL Fly Fishing as my other business.

Cat Carstens
PR and Influencer Manager

A gamer girl turned gamer wife, I handle all the fun and influential aspects at Mythic Gaming. Having a love affair with the Sims, World Of Warcraft and of course joining my husband and owner Shaun in his latest addictions are some of my favorite games.


I currently game on the Mythic Standard when on the go, but once I am home its all about that ultimate power that the Mythic Ultra provides me with.


I also freelance as a PR consultant and run my own online store.